4 Nov 2011

American Samoa investigation launched into ID cards issued without authorisation

2:46 pm on 4 November 2011

The Attorney General's Office in American Samoa is investigating how about 20 Asian nationals gained immigration identification cards without authorisation.

The probe was launched after one man, who apparently paid a great deal of money, showed up at the Immigration Office wanting to know when he would receive his ID card.

Our correspondent in Pago Pago Monica Miller says the Attorney General's office believes the Asian nationals entered the territory on 30-day permits but have been issued yearly ID cards without being cleared by the Immigration Board.

"The investigation is into how these individuals were given ID cards without going through the process. And I can say that it points and it may be indicating individuals inside the immigration office who are actually involved in the issuance of ID cards. And that is where this investigation is focussing on."

Monica Miller says employees who are involved in producing and issuing ID cards are being questioned by investigators.