3 Nov 2011

Rhodes Scholar hopes to tackle Pacific forced migration

1:27 pm on 3 November 2011

A Waikato University student says she hopes her Rhodes Scholarship to study in Oxford England will help tackle the problem of forced migration from sea level rise in the Pacific.

Briar Thompson says she is honoured to be one of three New Zealanders awarded the scholarship, allowing her to focus on refugees and forced migration as well as global governance and diplomacy.

She says she's particularly interested in the tricky issues of migration, security and diplomacy in the Pacific region as it's difficult to determine who's responsible, sparking up a lot of conflict.

"You need to be quite careful to make sure that you're hearing everyone's perspectives and that the people that need to be heard the most, have that voice heard and are consulted in the process. And I guess the diplomacy side of it will be covered as well within those degrees, especially in the global governance and diplomacy degree where they have a particular paper on climate change diplomacy which I hope will be really interesting."

Briar Thompson will leave for England in September.