3 Nov 2011

Sport: Sports federations demand answers from CISNOC

11:22 am on 3 November 2011

The Cook Islands Sports and National Olympic Committee has been accused of empire building ahead of a Special General Meeting next week, which will outlay the organisations financial state.

The meeting was agreed to by CISNOC after a letter signed by 12 individual sports federations was distributed to all members.

The letter expressed concerns over the organisations finances, and called for the removal of the entire executive board.

Brian Baudinet from Tennis Cook Islands, says at one point CISNOC had more staff than the Cook Islands Tourism Office and it needs to explain how it will repay its debts, including a loan of NZ$160 000 from the government to attend the recent Pacific Games.

"We've had various financial statements given to us - some of which are very confusing - and the latest of which showed a profit for this year of some 355 thousand dollars, which we felt was somewhat in dreamland and we've asked for details of that and we have not yet received those."

Among the sports to sign the letter were rugby league, squad, triathlon and volleyball.