3 Nov 2011

American Samoa's MV Sili service due to resume

7:36 am on 3 November 2011

The district governor for the Manu'a group of islands in American Samoa says transport from the main island Tutuila is expected to resume tomorrow.

Misaalefua Hudson says the government-run ferry has been out of action for three weeks, with two captains suspended for violating passenger number regulations.

In May the Manu'a group went a month without transport to Tutuila and ran out of fuel and basic food items during an overhaul of the MV Sili's engine.

Misaalefua Hudson says this time a Coastguard inspection found the vessel didn't have enough lifesaving equipment but that's been rectified.

"When we were having the meeting over there and they called up and they had completed and so the Coastguard is going to inspect and clear the boat Thursday. It's not too bad this time. It's only three weeks."

Misaalefua Hudson says the suspended captains will eventually be reinstated but the MV Sili service will manage without them for now.