1 Nov 2011

Sport: Cook Islands still seeking improvement

12:12 pm on 1 November 2011

Despite booking another trip to the Wellington Sevens at the weekend, Cook Islands coach Ramsey Tokomino says his team has plenty of room for improvement.

The Cook Islands defeated American Samoa in the playoff for fifth place at the Oceania Sevens event in Apia, which was enough to secure a return to Wellington in February.

With a long break before that tournament begins, Ramsey Tokomino, says his

players can't afford to rest on their laurels.

"There's certain things they need to work on ie put on some size so they can be competitive and different guys work on some speed. I'm off to Cook Islands at the weekend for Cook Islands National Sevens so I'll be canvassing talent there. I basically said to the boys you've got a foot in the plane so far, in terms of qualifying, but it doesn't mean you'll necessarily get to Wellington, you've got to put in the yards. If there are players better then that's what we've got to do so it's up to them to lift their game."