1 Nov 2011

Newspaper calls for Air Vanuatu permit probe

10:41 am on 1 November 2011

Vanuatu's newspaper, The Independent, has called for a public inquiry into the granting of a work permit and residency permit for an Australian, Floyd Smith, to work as the General Manager of Marketing and Sales for Air Vanuatu.

The newspaper says Mr Smith was refused entry at Port Vila International Airport, reportedly after he was found to have an Australian as well as a Vanuatu passport.

Our correspondent says he breached the law by not relinquishing his Australian passport when he obtained a Vanuatu passport.

While he has since returned his Vanuatu passport, Air Vanuatu is alleged to employ him on a visitor visa.

The airline's press officer, Tiffany Carroll, has denied the claims, saying Mr Smith is employed legally.