31 Oct 2011

Proliferation of home-made guns out of control in PNG

7:55 pm on 31 October 2011

A member of the Pacific Small Arms Action Group says the proliferation of home-made guns in Papua New Guinea is out of control and requires a multi-agency approach to deal with it.

John Toguata, a former PNG police commander and a spokesman for the Coalition Against Gun Violence, says weapon parts are readily accessible in PNG, especially in the Highlands where stockpiles are growing.

He wants the government to allocate sufficient funding and resources to reduce the problem.

Mr Toguata says a major firearms report tabled before government over five years ago has gathered dust while the holistic approach it recommends to tackling PNG's gun problem is long overdue.

"The whole issue just depends on the community and the police and the government agencies working together to confiscate this type of weapon and to issue heavy penalties for those people who are in possession of these type of illegal weapons."

John Toguata