31 Oct 2011

More foreign investment described as short term answer to lack of jobs on Guam

8:08 pm on 31 October 2011

An indigenous group in Guam, Nation Chamorros, says any jobs created by Asian companies investing in Guam are likely to be a short term solution to the lack of employment for local people.

Governor Eddie Calvo has just returned from a tour of Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing and Manila, in a bid to convince more companies to invest in Guam.

In his weekly speech to Pacific Media Centre, he said he went to Asia because Guam can't solely rely on just the military buildup for Guam's economic prosperity.

The magahaga, or woman leader, of Nation Chamorros, Debbie Quinata, agrees but says getting more foreign companies investing, isn't necessarily the answer either.

"But the problem that I see is that the jobs that they are bringing to Guam or are offering to the local community, are menial labour jobs and they are certainly temporary at best. These are not jobs that people can bank on being around for the rest of their lives or working in for the rest of their career."

Debbie Quinata says the government should focus their efforts instead on growing the local industries of tourism, agriculture and fisheries.