31 Oct 2011

Regional unions reiterate support of Fiji workers

2:55 pm on 31 October 2011

Regional trade unionists have reiterated their support of Fiji workers, following the detention of another union leader in Fiji over the weekend.

The Fiji Trade Union Congress president, Daniel Urai, was picked up by police at Nadi airport on Saturday, then taken to Suva.

Mr Urai was returning from a series of meetings in Australia during which time the Australian Council of Trade Unions announced a plan to roll out a campaign against holidaying in Fiji.

The secretary of the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions, Peter Conway, says it takes its lead from the unions in Fiji.

"What they've said to us is things are getting so bad with these decrees such as the essential industries decree that they want us to speak out more strongly to approach employers, and to undertake action, but of course we stay in contact with them so they can make the judgement and advise us on what's appropriate."

Peter Conway says they are continuing to meet with members and are not ruling out bans or boycotts by maritime and airline workers on services affecting Fiji.