28 Oct 2011

New Zealand company in Fiji labour dispute

4:52 pm on 28 October 2011

New Zealand company Turners and Growers is at the center of a pay dispute after casual labourers from its Fiji factory claimed they had not received adequate pay.

Turners and Growers' managing director Jeff Wesley says the workers were only engaged for a one-week period to meet a short-term capacity requirement.

He says the company is concerned that the contractor, who hired the labourers, may not have fulfilled his legal obligations, and is taking the matter seriously.

Fiji Labour Department officers have since visited the site, and have found the allegations to be true.

The Department says a 14 day notice has been issued to the company to comply with the Wages and Regulations Order, and pay the workers.

Mr Wesley says in future the company will work more closely with the Fiji staff to ensure casual labourers are paid properly.