28 Oct 2011

Dengue fever sparks emergency declaration in Marshall Islands

4:26 pm on 28 October 2011

The Marshall Islands government has declared a state of emergency in an attempt to combat the spiralling number of dengue fever cases in Majuro.

Within two days, the confirmed cases of the flu-like illness in the capital have doubled to 60.

It's the first such outbreak of dengue in the country and the secretary of Health, Justina Langidrik, says the emegency declaration means resources can be mobilised across a number of government agencies.

She says they will also be calling on assistance from bodies outside of the country like the World Health Organisation.

"Having the other technical assistance provided by agencies outside the RMI just like the CDC in Atlanta, and also WHO and other international partners like SPC, other technical assistance that is needed for the RMI."

Ms Justina Langidrik says the main focus will be on a nationwide mass clean up campaign to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds.