28 Oct 2011

Vanuatu province worried about sea cucumber licence granted to Chinese business

3:50 pm on 28 October 2011

There is concern in Vanuatu's Torba province over a government minister's decision to grant a license to a Chinese business to harvest sea cucumbers on the island of Gaua.

The agriculture and fisheries minister, James Ngwango, granted the license for a monopoly on harvesting sea cucumbers on Malekula, Santo and Gaua islands.

A provincial councillor, Jack Wano, says his people are not happy with the decision, fearing it will destroy their marine environment.

Mr Wano has called on the government to cancel the licence.

He also says they are against the introduction of a new species in their waters.

He says he does not believe that the project in China will be suitable and work in Vanuatu.

Mr Ngwago left for a two-week trip to China last weekend.