28 Oct 2011

Airline now seeking payment from American Samoa govt

8:03 am on 28 October 2011

Inter Island Airways says it will ask the American Samoa Government to pay up on outstanding and substantial debts.

The carrier's move is in response to the government's suit to recover landing fees and passenger facility charges from the airline.

The government has taken the carrier to court alleging that Inter Island owes more than 383,000 US dollars in passenger facility charges and landing fees dating back to November 2003.

However the carrier is disputing the figures.

Attorney for the airline, Fiti Sunia, says his client has always stood ready to honor its legal and actual obligations.

He says Inter Island is in the process of resolving the matter, and have asked the government to substantiate its claims.

He says they are also preparing to submit to the government a request to pay outstanding and substantial accounts with Inter Island.

The attorney declined to comment on the government's outstanding accounts.

But airport sources told KHJ News the unpaid accounts are for government personnel travel on Inter island as well as parts and services furnished for the government's plane..