26 Oct 2011

PNG goverment turning blind eye to unethical logging, says Greenpeace

6:34 pm on 26 October 2011

Greenpeace campaigners say the Papua New Guinea government is turning a blind eye to unethical logging activities because it gets money from the industry.

The environmental group was supporting the protest of about 200 landowners in West Pomio in New Britain island by slowing down the Rimbunan Hijau company's shipment of logs to China.

Greenpeace's Sam Moko says they abandoned their efforts yesterday when it looked like they would be forced out.

The environment group is on its way to Port Moresby now where they will appeal to the government to put a stop to logging, but he says the government has a history of ignoring the problem.

"The government is in a position where they do get money from the industry and that's mainly from the multi-national logging companies in Papua New Guinea so they are in a position where they can't make decisions for this country."

Sam Moko says there should be a moratorium on the granting of Special Agriculture and Business Leases, which allow the logging companies to operate.