25 Oct 2011

Rally underway to support foreign workers in CNMI

4:03 pm on 25 October 2011

A peacefull rally has begun outside the U.S Immigration service building in the Northern Marianas as the United Workers Movement ramps up the pressure in its bid to protect foreign workers in the territory.

In just over a month the CNMI will move to federalised immigration and employees' advocate, the United Workers Movement, fears that workers without immigration status issued by the US government may be deported.

So far, at times, up to 60 people, bearing placards and banners, have gathered at the rally venue which has a tent and is staffed around the clock.

The president of the United Workers Movement in the CNMI, Rabby Syed, says the campaign has been well supported.

"The CNMI community is so generous. Many of these people allow us to stay here as their neighbour, colleagues, friends. We are hoping there'll be something before November 27. Because after November 27 a significant number of the alien worker will be out of status."

Rabby Syed.

He says the rally venue is on public property and no action has been made to move them on.