25 Oct 2011

New Caledonia activist says Ouvea massacre film must be shown for democracy's sake

4:03 pm on 25 October 2011

A human rights group in New Caledonia says the controversial film "Rebellion" needs to be shown in the territory so local people can learn the lessons of history.

A spokesman for the New Caledonia Human Rights League, Pascal Hebert ,says there's been political pressure on Noumea's only cinema not to show the movie which is based on the 1988 Ouvea hostage massacre.

Mr Hebert says such a ban is for dictatorships, and however painful the film is for some, to show it is good for democracy in a country heading towards decolonisation.

"It's our reality, our history, We need to learn to talk about the question, to accept that it is our history."

Pascal Hebert says his group may organise a petition to have the film shown in New Caledonia.