25 Oct 2011

Police chief of Mulia city in Indonesia's Papua fatally shot

6:38 am on 25 October 2011

The police chief of Mulia city in Jayapura, Indonesia's Papua province's capital, has been killed.

The Jakarta Globe says Police chief Dominggus Awes was fatally shot at Mulia airport yesterday morning.

Police say the commander was standing in front of a plane at the airport when two men lunged at him and pinned him down before shooting him in the head.

A Papua police spokesperson says his body will be taken to Sentani, Jayapura.

The Puncak Jaya police chief says law enforcement officers are still securing the site and looking for the perpetrators in the mountainous area.

Meanwhile, the separatist group, the Free Papua Organization denies police allegations that it was responsible for the killing.

OPM coordinator, Lambertus Pekikir, says police should arrest the perpetrators and question them before making such accusations.

He also added that even if the individuals who had carried out the attack claimed to be OPM members, the organization would not assume responsibility for their actions.

He said that he would trust the Indonesian police in handling the case.