24 Oct 2011

Abandoned ships in low lying water in Vanuatu causing worries

4:28 pm on 24 October 2011

Vanuatu's Technical Advisory Committee for marine affairs is raising fears about abandoned vessels that are ruining the marine environment.

There are now four vessels partially sunk in Tanna, Port Vila, Santo and Ambrym.

The committee is trying to source funding for the millions it will cost to properly salvage the vessels.

Committee coordinator, Johnny Arnhambat, says leaking oil and rust are affecting food sources.

"These things shouldn't be lying in the water. They should be all sorted out and we should be trying to keep our marine life healthier because people are using the marine for food, like fish and shellfish."

Johnny Arnhambat says the vessels are typically abandoned due to the operator going out of business, a lack of insurance or the owners leaving the country.