20 Oct 2011

Cook Islands has backing for huge infrastructure upgrade

8:12 pm on 20 October 2011

A Cook Islands government official says donor nations are being supportive as the country prepares to tackle a major infrastructure upgrade.

The government says investment in infrastructure is vital to the country's continued prosperity and this emerged from the work of an economic task force earliier this year.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Development's secretary, Donye Muna, says the focus is on improving water, renewable energy, waste and sanitation systems.

About 430 million US dollars is required for all the work the government has in mind and Ms Muna says they've had a good response so far from foreign aid donors.

"To date we have had an amazing amount of support from our development partners, particularly in water and renewable energy and a lot of the work's being done now. We are also grateful that the New Zealand Government in partnership with the Australian Government is supporting our waste and sanitation programmes."

The secretary of the Cook Islands Ministry of Infrastructure and Development's secretary, Donye Muna.