20 Oct 2011

Fiji's CC calls for drop in healthy food price to accompany fat tax

8:11 am on 20 October 2011

The head of Fiji's Consumer Council says a tax on fatty food applied in a Pacific Island country will differ from a similar tax in a European setting.

Premila Kumar's comment follows the confirmation by Fiji's interim government that it's planning to have a fat tax in place sometime next year.

Denmark's introduction of a tax on foods containing more than two-point-three percent fat follows a commitment by world leaders at last month's United Nations General Assembly session to taking action on surging rates of obesity-related illnesses.

Ms Kumar says she's not been made aware of the plan to impose a fat tax in Fiji but any policy would have to be adapted for the local situation.

"Because at the end of the day people need to eat. So as I said I cannot comment because I haven't seen the proposal but obviously if healthy food becomes more affordable then people will opt for that. Currently healthy food is most expensive and it becomes difficult for people to choose healthy food."

The chief executive of Fiji's consumer council, Premila Kumar.