19 Oct 2011

Recent rain curtails water restrictions in Cook Islands

3:15 pm on 19 October 2011

The rationing of water in the northern group of the Cook Islands has ceased after rain at the weekend.

Recent dry conditions had resulted in people restricted to daily quotas of ten litres of fresh water each till last weekend's rain.

But the Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning is still warning that water has to be conserved with only limited rainfall forecast in the next two to three months.

The Ministry's Othaniel Tangianau says despite the rain, water levels across the country are concerning.

"In Rarotonga it's very low in some areas, and in some areas they are getting water. The same in the southern group. Although we had low water up in the north last week they have had a downpour at the weekend. So that helps build up their reserves."

Othaniel Tangianau

He says the low water levels are affecting the provider of a major food source in the northern group, the coconut trees, and will have quite an impact if conditions deterioriate again.