19 Oct 2011

Fines for two Samoans in election bribery case

6:54 am on 19 October 2011

A man and a woman in Samoa have escaped a jail sentence but were fined in an election bribery case.

Sameme Faleagafulu and Tauamo Fea had admitted in August to one count each of receiving money from an election candidate as bribes before the general election last March.

They accepted less than 10 US dollars each from an envelope of money given to their village mayor by an election candidate.

The two have been given a fine of 40 US dollars each and been ordered to pay within 24 hours or face two months in prison.

The bribery case in the Anoama'a east constituency also saw the election of a HRPP MP, Alai'asa Filipo Schwartz Hunt, declared void, prompting a by-election.