17 Oct 2011

Remains of missing German yachtie found in French Polynesia ashes

5:59 am on 17 October 2011

Reports from French Polynesia say the human remains found in ashes in a remote Nuku Hiva valley are those of a 40-year-old German yachtsman, Stefan Ramin, who went missing a week ago.

Last weekend, Mr Ramin went on a hunting trip with a local guide Henri Haiti who returned to the coast to tell his partner that he had been injured.

According to her testimony, she followed Mr Haiti but he then sexually assaulted her and tied her to a tree.

She managed to escape and raised the alarm.

Searching for Mr Ramin and Mr Haiti, a 20-strong police force discovered the ashes of the recent fire, but failed to locate Mr Haiti.

The German couple had been living on a yacht for years and had only just arrived in the Marquesas islands from Central America.