14 Oct 2011

Taxi drivers in Fiji told no more fare hikes for four years

4:16 pm on 14 October 2011

Taxi drivers in Fiji are being told they will not receive any further hikes in taxi fares for another four years, after an increase was approved last night.

The interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama has signed off a new taxi fare drop distance of ten cents for every 100 metres traveled, doing away with the previous fare of ten cents for every 200 metres.

The Fiji Taxi Union's General Secretary Rishi Ram says after a ten year battle for an increase in fares, the Union has finally achieved its goal, but under one condition by the interim regime.

"The government has given us an ultimatum that no taxi fare to be lodged or submitted for next four years. If the fuel goes up 155 US dollars per barrel the crude oil, then we can ask for the fare increase immediately. Otherwise we cannot lodge for submission of taxi fare increase within the next four years."

Rishi Ram says the Taxi Union's members have waited ten years for an increase and a four year wait for another one is not too much.

The new taxi fare comes into effect on November the 7th.