13 Oct 2011

Guam education centre seeing constant increase in student numbers

5:26 pm on 13 October 2011

The Guam Contractors Association says student numbers are continually increasing at its Trades Academy, as locals anticipate more job opportunities to arise in the military build-up on Guam.

The US plans to transfer thousands of soldiers from Japan to Guam.

The Trades Academy, which is a non-profit, non-government education centre, aims to equip people with the skills needed for trades in the construction industry.

The Academy's Education director Dr Bert Johnston says while the centre was not established specifically for the military build-up, more locals are undergoing training in hope of getting work when military projects are approved.

"The numbers they're constantly climbing. They possibly will not be able to satisfy 100 percent of the need. We will need outside workers. But as much as possible we try to train as much of the local workforce as possible to do the jobs."

Dr Bert Johnston says it is too early to tell what skills and numbers of tradesmen will be required as details of the military's projects are yet to be finalised.