12 Oct 2011

Amnesty calls for Indonesian authorities to investigate police killing of striker

6:47 am on 12 October 2011

Amnesty International is calling on Indonesian authorities to immediately investigate the use of deadly force by police at a mining protest in which a protestor was killed and at least six injured.

Indonesian security forces opened fire on striking workers of the Freeport-McMoran gold and copper mine in Papua on Monday.

About 8,000 workers at the mine have been on strike since the 15th of September, after demands for a pay rise reached a deadlock.

They have now vowed to continue their strike until November the 15th.

The Asia Pacific director for Amnesty International, Sam Zarifi, says this latest incident shows Indonesian police have not learned how to deal with protestors without resorting to excessive, and even lethal, force.

He says while police have a duty to protect themselves and uphold the law, it's completely unacceptable to fire live ammunition at protestors.