11 Oct 2011

Critical water shortage in Tuvalu eases, but more effort still needed - NZ diplomat

7:35 pm on 11 October 2011

Immediate concerns about the water shortage on Tuvalu have eased after having another, larger, water de-salination unit in operation on Funafuti, the main island of the drought-hit country.

A de-salination unit that had been used in Christchurch after the earthquakes, was flown to Apia and onto Tuvalu on Monday.

It was brought into operation within hours to supplement water being provided by two units sent to Tuvalu last week.

New Zealand's high commmissioner to Tuvalu, Gareth Smith, says while the critical water shortage appears to be resolved, clear problems remain with people still needing to ration water.

"How do we make sure we provide a little bit more support so that we don't get back into this situation again, So basically we can give people in Tuvalu more water to drink and wash, because at the moment they still don't have enough. We are still working on this. It's still a work in progress."

New Zealand high commissioner to Tuvalu, Gareth Smith.