11 Oct 2011

Australian pilots union keeps close eye on Scott case in Fiji

2:32 pm on 11 October 2011

A pilots union in Australia says it's watching closely the case of a detained Australian pilot in Fiji to ensure he's not made a scapegoat.

Shalend Scott has been remanded in custody on charges of unlawful access to documents, following the leaking of documents involving Air Pacific in a decree widely seen as anti union.

The Vice President of the Australian and International Pilots Association, Captain Richard Woodward, says his association is concerned for Mr Scott's welfare and it has raised the matter with the Australian government.

"We're not about to interfere in the sovereign country's laws but we want to make sure that he's not just the victim of a witch hunt in an effort to union-bust. We would hate to think he's been made the centrepiece of that effort."

The Australian and International Pilots Association's Captain Richard Woodward