11 Oct 2011

Vanuatu midwives invited to French Polynesia for training

11:21 am on 11 October 2011

French Polynesia has offered to train midwives from Vanuatu.

The director of midwifery at the main hospital in Papeete, Eliane Tavahitua, says the territory is willing to train francophone midwives from Vanuatu.

She says French Polynesia has just build a new school of midwifery and has the capacity to accommodate students from around the francophone countries and territories of the region.

Ms Tavahitua says her institution would provide financial assistance but the Vanuatu government has to take responsibility for the students' air travel costs.

She made the offer last week during a meeting in Port Vila of the Union of Francophone Women in Oceania when she learned Vanuatu needed more trained midwives.