11 Oct 2011

Tokelau atolls get more water with help of US Coastguard

11:18 am on 11 October 2011

The drought hit Tokelau atoll of Nukunonu has received a consignment of fresh drinking water courtesy of the New Zealand aid programme and the United States Coastguard.

The Coastguard cutter, the Walnut, with its own desalination unit on board, was able to fill empty containers and deposit them on the Nukunonu wharf.

The atoll's faipule, Pio Tuia, says these containers were then delivered to the villages.

"We just use our trucks. We put the water tanks on the trucks and the trucks take the water to the people's homes and we can easily pump the water from the truck to the people. That is how we distribute our water here."

Nukunonu's faipule, Pio Tuia, says everyone is being issued a minimum of ten litres a day.

The faipule says they hope to shortly receive desalination units sent up from New Zealand.

Tokelau's two other atolls are also receiving water from the US Coastguard cutter.