10 Oct 2011

PNG police investigate allegations of police brutality in East New Britain

2:06 pm on 10 October 2011

Papua New Guinea's acting police chief has called for an immediate investigation into allegations of police assault and brutality on villagers in West Pomio in the province of East New Britain.

The police say they are following up on complaints by a local non governmental organisation, the Eco Forestry Forum.

The police say the Forum has alleged the police stationed at the Drina logging camp in Pomio last week harrassed, assaulted and arrested youths in Bairaman and Totongpal villages while looking for local landowners.

The landowners are involved in court action over the loss of land in the logging project.

Acting Commissioner of Police Tom Kulunga has moved to assure the Forum's chairman Kenn Mondiai the matter will be throroughly investigated.

He says if police have acted beyond their powers they'll be appropriately dealt with.