10 Oct 2011

Dope use at Vanuatu music festival sparks call for it to be cancelled

2:48 pm on 10 October 2011

A former Port Vila municipal councillor, Seule Tong, is urging the government to ban Fest Napuan, because of the allegedly high use of marijuana there.

He says although the laws of Vanuatu prohibit the use and the planting of marijuana, young people feel free to smoke it publicly during the Novemmber musicial event.

Mr Tong claims that Fest Napuan has become the best market for growers and sellers to make money.

He say there are young people in some areas of Port Vila spending days and nights rolling marijuana joints for sale at the event and he wants an end to it because of its contribution to growing social problems.

An organiser of the musical event and the current Minister of Justice, Ralph Regenvanu says although alcohol is banned at the event and marijuana is illegal, both are consumed by a small minority of the people who attend.