10 Oct 2011

Regional agency steps up to help drought stricken Tuvalu and Tokelau

2:50 pm on 10 October 2011

The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme is taking direct action to assist Tokelau and Tuvalu in dealing with their states of emergency due to drought.

Immediate support is being provided through SPREP's Small Grants Scheme.

The regional agency says this will help Tokelau and Tuvalu provide an urgent response to meet the water shortage in both countries.

The director general, David Sheppard, says SPREP fully understands the value of water and difficulties these Pacific communities are experiencing.

The agency is working with other regional bodies to assist Tokelau in long term planning for integrated water resource management, including capacity building.

SPREP is also supporting Tuvalu in the water sector through various projects, including the construction of a community reservoir which will be resilient to surges and king tides.