10 Oct 2011

FSM Senator suggests ending Compact with US

5:08 am on 10 October 2011

A senator in the Federated States of Micronesia, Peter Christian, has introduced a resolution to the FSM Congress calling on President Manny Mori to terminate the Compact of Free Association with the US government no later than 2018.

The resolution is a response to the increasingly hard line adopted by the Obama Administration and the US Congress in its dealing with the islands.

Mr Christian's resolution points out that the purpose of the Compact is for a mutually beneficial relationship between the two nations, and says the US receives many benefits from the relationship.

But the resolution says the recent words and deeds of United States policymakers suggest they view the Amended Compact as an act of charity by the United States rather than a treaty between two sovereign nations.

It charges that the US government abused its majority on the Joint Economic Management Committee by recently forcing passage of resolutions contrary to the interests of the Federated States of Micronesia and unilaterally slashing funding for the College of Micronesia-FSM.

It notes the US Senate recently called on Homeland Security to consider establishing a pre-screening process and requiring advanced permission for prospective travelers from the FSM and other Freely Associated States to enter the United States.

Senator Christian represents Pohnpei state and is a former long-time Speaker of the FSM Congress.