7 Oct 2011

Solomon Islands police confident they have found culprits who threatened MP

1:56 pm on 7 October 2011

The Solomon Islands Police say they are confident they have found those who allegedly threatened the Member of Parliament Mathew Wale, following comments he made about another MP.

Supporters of a government MP Namson Tran are believed to have threatened Mr Wale and his family after he labelled Mr Tran a criminal for allegedly putting private registration plates on a government vehicle.

The Deputy Police Commissioner Edmond Sikua says officers have recorded four witness statements and are confident they have found those responsible for the threats.

"The threats as far as we know is that people just went to Mathew Wale's residence and sought compensation from Mathew Wale's wife. They are not, so far not violent."

Edmond Sikua says police have been assured by Mr Tran's supporters that no further threats will be made against Mathew Wale.