7 Oct 2011

Temaru calls for uprising if France refuses loan to pay public service

10:05 am on 7 October 2011

The French Polynesian president, Oscar Temaru, has called for an uprising, should there be no money to pay the public service.

Mr Temaru has made the call in a bid to get the French Development Agency to release 22 million US dollars, which he says is being blocked by the French state.

He says if the funds aren't transferred to his government, public sector workers can no longer be paid.

Mr Temaru says each side, including the French state, has to play its role.

Earlier, his finance minister said the money was not needed to pay for salaries but to fund investments.

Last week, the territory's Social Welfare Fund, which covers health care and pensions, refused a bid to lend the government 55 million US dollars.