5 Oct 2011

Fiji bus operators president defends industry

4:21 pm on 5 October 2011

The president of the Fiji Bus Operators Association says the industry is being targetted by local media.

Last month, there were four bus related incidents, one being fatal.

In regard to the fires Operators Association president, Richard Lal, says the bus collision and the other incidents have been overplayed in the local media.

"The bus is singled out. I'm sure there was collisions between other vehicles in Fiji as well. Public service vehicles. We have taxis, we have mini buses. We have rural buses etc. But there seems to be a very huge focus on the bus industry for whatever reason the press feels like."

Fiji Bus Operators Association president, Richard Lal.

He says a recent report, involving British consultants, has commended the bus industry in Fiji.