4 Oct 2011

Drought hit Tokelau relying on bottled water sent from Apia

12:54 pm on 4 October 2011

The Apia based general manager for the Tokelau government, Jo Suveinakama, says there's about a week's supply of drinking water on the three atolls as they struggle with the effects of a drought.

Tokelau declared a state of emergency at the weekend, following a similar decision by Tuvalu, while in Samoa there've been calls for people to ration water.

Mr Suveinakama says freight deliveries from Samoa have brought bottled water and additional supplies to top up community water tanks, and this should last a week.

He says schools are still operating though pupils have to use toilets in private homes because of the lack of water, but he says most government services are on hold.

"Government activities that are still very critical, they have to demonstrate that they have considered and thought about the emergency situation and are addressing it, and measures that they are using are reflecting their consideration of the water emergency situation. So we are all working in line with the fact that we recognise this national emergency situation."