30 Sep 2011

Fiji police urged to be friendlier

3:47 pm on 30 September 2011

Police officers in Fiji have been reminded to be passionate and friendly when they go about their jobs.

The interim Minister for works, transport and public utilities, Timoci Natuva, made the comments at the Police Remembrance Day parade in Narere yesterday.

Mr Natuva, who was a chief guest at the event, says the focus of the police force has switched from investigating crime to working with the community to prevent crime by identifying and resolve issues.

He says in order to do so, people must feel they can trust the police.

"The approach that they make to the community. Sometimes the approach that they make traditionally was very authoritative, dictating issues. Rather that, they should have the approach that we should have the communities more approachable, that friendly approach. Even going into investigations they have to be approachable or otherwise the people are reluctant to give the information out."

Timoci Natuva says many stations around the country have been rebranded from police posts to community posts to allay the fear some people have of approaching the police.