30 Sep 2011

Solomons government refuses commment on MP's involvement in alleged threats

9:15 am on 30 September 2011

The Solomon Islands government won't comment on media reports that supporters of its caucus chair, Namson Tran, threatened another MP, Mathew Wale, over comments he made during a sitting of the Public Accounts Committee.

Mr Wale who heads the committee, labelled Mr Tran a criminal after he allegedly put private registration plates on a government vehicle.

Don Wiseman reports:

"Namson Tran's supporters later allegedly threatened Mr Wale and his family, and also demanded compensation from the Island Sun newspaper for carrying the story. Transparency Solomon Islands says the actions of both Mr Tran and his supporters are appalling and it's called on the government to step in. But in a written statement all the government says is it's up to police to investigate the allegation that threats were made. And the Solomon Islands Media Association has condemned the harassment of the newspaper and its staff as inappropriate and disrespectful. It says the paper was merely reporting what was said during the hearing, which was also broadcast live on radio and television. The Island Sun has referred the demand for compensation to police"