29 Sep 2011

Tokelau to follow Samoa on dateline switch

5:00 pm on 29 September 2011

Tokelau is to accompany Samoa in its move across the dateline at the end of the year.

The General Manager of Tokelau's National Public Service says the fono's decision to move west of the dateline maintains alignment with Samoa, where its administration is based.

After December the 29th Tokelau and Samoa will skip one day and go straight to December the 31st.

Joe Suveinakama says the change will make it easier to do business with New Zealand.

"It'll be useful that on Fridays we call New Zealand somebody will be on the other side of the office whereas at the current time they come to work on Monday, it's our Sunday, we come to work on Friday, it's their Saturday, so we actually lose a day in terms of operation."

Joe Suveinakama says Tokelau is working with New Zealand to prepare the legal framework for the switch.