29 Sep 2011

Fiji Sun welcomes media summit as chance to exchange views

3:03 pm on 29 September 2011

The editor of the Fiji Sun newspaper welcomes the decision by the Pacific region's main media body to host its media summit in Fiji next March.

The Pacific Islands News Association has been forced to reschedule the summit after Papau New Guinea said it wouldn't be able to host the biennal event in November.

The PINA president Moses Stevens says taking the summit to Fiji will help foster better relations between the media and the interim regime which has imposed strict censorship.

The Fiji Sun's editor, Epineri Vula, says the PINA summit may narrow the gulf between visiting journalists and the interim regime.

"And allow us to exchange views.There have been exchanges of views but they have been few and far between. It will help that the government understands views from outside the region and help that journalists outside the region see where the government is coming from."