28 Sep 2011

Palau calls on UN to go to international court on climate change

12:12 pm on 28 September 2011

Palau is calling on the United Nations to seek international legal advice over countries' responsibilities for the damage caused by their emissions.

The President told the UN General Assembly, now in its 66th session, that the failure of some states to acknowledge the clearcut security implications of climate change is pathetic.

Johnson Toribiong says an attempt by the Pacific Small Island Developing States earlier this year to get the UN to agree to proposals for addressing the security threats was drowned by other states' priorities.

But Mr Toribiong says Palau and the Marshall Islands will call on the Assembly to obtain an urgent opinion from the International Court of Justice.

"On the responsibilties of States under international law to ensure that activities carried out under their jurisdiction or control that emit greenhouse gases do not damage other states."

Johnson Toribiong says the case should be clear.