27 Sep 2011

PNG Education Minister says budget money will make schools more efficient

6:53 pm on 27 September 2011

The Minister of Education in Papua New Guinea says the money recently allocated in the budget will allow schools to operate more efficiently.

Education received nearly 40 percent of the money distributed by the budget with 135 million dollars U.S to go to providing free education up to year 10 next year.

The Minister Theo Zurenuoc says 80 percent of schools don't have enough money because parents, though able to only pay a fraction of the fees, still send their children to school.

Mr Zurenuoc says their fee free initiative will mean schools will be able to run properly throughout the year and ensure power and water bills are paid.

"It will also mean basic learning materials and aid required in the schools, for example papers, duplicating ink, computers and other basic resources that are needed in the school are being provided by the school."

Theo Zurenuoc says while the scheme may seem ambitious the government believes it must make a start on improving education which has been hampered by mismanagement of funds in the past.