27 Sep 2011

Solomon Islands police says stoning of post not related to withdrawal

6:53 pm on 27 September 2011

The Deputy Commissioner of the Solomon Islands Police says the weekend's stoning of a police post isn't linked to this week's withdrawal from Isuna post.

On Friday, RAMSI's Participating Police Force facilities at Isuna will be handed over to the Guadalcanal Province to be used as a health clinic.

The Deputy Commissioner Edmond Sikua say the stoning is an isolated incident.

Mr Sikua says over the past two years the community has been consulted about the closing of the post and he doesn't believe there is any ill-feeling resulting from the withdrawal.

He says there's been little crime in the area in the last few months and he doesn't expect any unrest at the handover.

"I don't think we have a bad relationship with the community. The community themselves have their own issues. The issues that relate to them are not necessarily policing issues."

The Deputy Commissioner Edmond Sikua