26 Sep 2011

Threats against Solomons' MP for speaking out on corruption called shameful

2:44 pm on 26 September 2011

Transparency Solomon Islands has condemned threats and intimidation issued by the supporters of the West Honiara MP, Namson Tran, against the chairman of the Public Accounts committee, MP Matthew Wale, and family.

The TSI chair, Bob Pollard, says it's shameful that an MP is being threatened with violence for speaking out against corrupt activities.

Mr Tran was described as a criminal in the Public Accounts committee hearing last week for his actions in taking a government vehicle and allegedly registering it as a private vehicle.

Mr Pollard says this follows recent revelations that Mr Tran acquired a government house and property, at the directive of the prime minister, Danny Philip, at a price well below market value.

Mr Pollard says the prime minister and the government colleagues of Mr Tran must condemn these threats publicly so all will know this behaviour's unacceptable.

He says Mr Tran must also take responsibility and the police must deal swiftly with the threats.