23 Sep 2011

Samoa families to vacate Catholic church land

1:06 pm on 23 September 2011

The Catholic Church in Samoa expects families who have lived for generations on church land in the Apia town area to vacate the property.

The church plans to lease the land to businesses to finance many development projects now underway.

Families living in Taufusi, Saleufi, Togafuafua and Fugalei are affected.

Some families have graves on the leased property.

Catholic Church spokesman, Father Penitito Mauga, says the tenants have known all along that when the Church wanted the land back, they had to leave.

He says the church has several expensive development projects in progress that require lots of money.

Father Penitito said tenants were given the option of buying land or take up a relocation package of a free quarter-acre at Moamoa.