23 Sep 2011

British consultancy denies role in Fiji dispute with ILO

1:36 pm on 23 September 2011

A British employment relations consultancy has distanced itself from reports that it has been engaged by Air Pacific or the Fiji interim government to support or help implement its Essential Industries Decree

The CEO of the firm Marshall-James, Andy Cook, issued a statement after a blog fourpointfivecoup published a purported message from the head of Air Pacific to the regime about using its services.

The message said the consultancy was helping in connection with an International Labour Organisation complaint made against Fiji and the airline.

Mr Cook says having been asked his opinion, he has been urging the Fijian Government to adopt a policy of engaging with the International Union Movement and the ILO to begin to address the concerns and issues expressed by these communities with a view to finding a way forward.

He says he has not been engaged by Air Pacific or the Fijian Government to support or help implement the Essential Industries Decree.

The decree was drawn up by a New York law firm on behalf of Air Pacific.