23 Sep 2011

Marshalls endorse plan for public-private partnership in airline

7:07 am on 23 September 2011

The Transportation Minister in the Marshall Islands says the government hopes to start making money from its national airline once a 51 percent stake is sold to the private sector.

The board of directors of Air Marshall Islands, has endorsed a plan for a private sector-government partnership and is working on a formal proposal to be reviewed and approved by Cabinet.

The Minister, and Chairman of the airline's board, Kenneth Kedi says for many years the government has subsidised the airline by injecting it with millions of dollars.

But he says it hopes to reverse that trend and start generating some revenue from it.

"Well of course when a private company comes in try to invest in something as big as the airline industry in the Marshall Islands, yes they will ensure that it's viable for them and they will make sure that it makes money instead of losing money, as we've been operating under the government control, it's been losing money."