23 Sep 2011

Police officers on trial in Samoa

9:20 am on 23 September 2011

A convicted murderer has been giving evidence in the trial in Samoa of two police women, Efo Moalele and Ferila Papali'i, charged with causing actual bodily harm.

A woman has alleged she was beaten with a stick by one of the accused.

The witness told the court that one of the policewomen hit Faasalafa Sione, for allegedly not telling the truth, during an interview at the Lalomanu police station.

Faasalafa Sione and her husband were being investigated at the time for the death of their 14 year old daughter 4 years earlier and they are now both serving life sentences for the crime.

The witness who was serving coffee to the police officers during the inquiry told the court one of the strikes hit the woman's nose and caused severe bleeding.

The woman needed hospital treatment.

A nurse who examined the victim earlier told the court the bridge of the woman's nose was severely cut and required stitches.